I met Kylie at my local Bikram Yoga Studio with many enthusiastic recommendations. I was in quite a state of chronic pain waiting for a hip replacement and I firmly believe that it was her professional care at our weekly sessions which gave me the pain relief necessary to last out my year on the waiting list for surgery. I can highly commend her combination of sensitivity, compassion and professionalism which make her an excellent therapist.

Diana Lang


I would like to commend Kylie Fletcher as an extremely competent, professional & caring therapist with an extensive knowledge & expertise in the treatment of lymphoedema.

I have known Kylie since 1999 when my journey with lymphoedema began after radical surgery for cancer & adjunct chemo & radiation therapies.

After diagnosis, I was informed it would take 6-8 wks to arrange an appointment with a medical therapist to ‘assess’ my swollen legs. Then a further 6-8 wks for treatment to commence. I began my own research & made enquiries at various physio clinics & massage therapist for someone to help with Manual Lymphatic Drainage to reduce the swelling & discomfort in my legs but to no avail as they all said the treatment was too time consuming for their practice.  I then began asking at beauty therapists & spas who used lymph drainage as part of their beauty massage & facial regimes. Kylie, to my delight, was located at my local day spa.

Over the ensuing years, Kylie has treated my condition with the utmost of caring professionalism to the point of having medically trained therapists & doctors comment on the ‘good condition’ of my leg considering my medical condition. I contribute much of this to Kylie for her excellent massage technique, care & advice. Whenever new information or treatments became available, such as bandaging options & laser therapy Kylie would inform & advise me. Along with her dedicated care & the use of compression garments, my condition has been maintained & reduced to swelling in only 1 leg now. As a result of my experience with Kylie as my therapist & with the support of my husband & family, I was able to continue working & carry on my life raising 2 teenage daughters, caring for an elderly parent & managing a household. Now retired I care for my 2 grandchildren 3 days a week.

I miss Kylie since her move to Queensland but she left me in good hands with a lovely therapist who was trained in her clinic whilst also studying manual lymphatic drainage & the use of the cold laser therapy.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kylie as an extremely competent & accomplished lymphoedma therapist who is possessed of a lovely spirit & a bright &bubbly outlook on life. She is an outstanding & very caring young woman who has had a significant influence in my ongoing treatment.


Marilyn Poniris

Sylvania Waters NSW


I first met Kylie in 2014 when I was diagnosed with Cancer inside my armpit.

I was referred to her clinic by a friend and colleague who had great faith in Kyle’s expertise.

Kylie demonstrated great love, support and concern for my situation and went to great lengths to help me.

Her expertise and application of Lymphatic Drainage and Cold Laser Therapy was very impressive to me especially as a wholistic practitioner myself: and I am not easily impressed.

She was very professional in her approach and ran a very well organised and impressive practice employing other professionals which also offered other wholistic health services.

I also observed her hunger for knowledge and her appetite for learning new methods that would better equip her for helping others.

Kylie is a rare human being with great love, compassion and dedication for all she meets as well as her patients and clients. Combined with her enthusiasm and professional skills this places her in a very unique position to make a major difference in people’s lives

It is privilege to know her and recommend her as a fellow professional.


Dr Bill Davidson

Chiropractor, Osteopath, Naturopath

Gymea NSW



I was a patient in Kylie’s Sydney business for several years and was treated for various issues, both physical and spiritual.

I found Kylie to be a wonderful therapist with just the best communication skills and caring personality. So much so that I sent my daughter to her to help with her issues.

Kylie had outstanding results with her. The change was remarkable.

We were sad to see Kylie move interstate but of course wished her well. We miss her caring and bubbly persona.

I would thoroughly recommend Kylie to any prospective client…she really does care for her clients”


John Gilles

Caringbah NSW



"I have been a patient of Kylie's for 16 years. She has provided a level of care beyond mere medical expertise. This includes post surgery healing, instruction on self management of lymphodema, spiritual well being and general health support. Kylie is very perceptive of her client's needs and she is aware of a number of alternative healing pathways which cater for individual needs. I have every confidence in her professional care and highly recommend her.



Maria Taylor

Caringbah NSW


Wow! I've just had the most amazing treatment with Kylie a therapist who has developed this treatment called Decongestive Tissue Therapy. She worked specific areas of my body with the cold laser , firstly the vertebral artery to oxygenate my entire body , then behind my neck( sub occipital to balance dopamine and seratonin  the feel good chemicals our bodies produce then a full lymphatic cleanse , cervical, axillary , inguinal and popliteal and deep lymph nodes of the abdominal area. And showered with the laser over my abdominal and thigh areas to decongest the tissues . Kylie explained the cold laser effects the cells metabolism and it certainly worked ! My legs were put in compression stocking that pumped in chambers relieving fluid and aches and pains . Then Kylie used her magic , gifted hand providing a gentle though so powerful technique call manual lymphatic drainage having studied in London and Austria with 35 years of experience . It's effective and I feel terrific !!!

No body else offers this treatment and the benefits are endless.


Anna Hartman

Ready Creak Qld


I recently had a knee operation in which I was in excruciating pain, I started seeing Kylie for laser treatments to assist with the healing , the pain decreased and my healing was faster than the expected time . It really worked! I couldn't believed it myself. There was fluid around the region so I was put in pneumatic leggings that reduced all the fluid and all other aches and pains I'd been experiencing. I was advised on home care and massage techniques to assist. I was impressed by Kylies' wealth of knowledge and expertise and would highly recommend her for any injuries.


Stephanie Dickenson

Woolooware NSW


I was referred to Kylie approx 3yrs ago by my chiropractor, and was very grateful indeed. The combination of chiropractic and remedial massage (combined with cold laser treatment), has been very beneficial for me.

I have severe back and neck injuries, relating to a car accident 20 years ago, which was inhibiting my sleep every time I undertook any moderate form of exercise. Kylie's treatment enabled me to still enjoy a healthy exercise regime, and get some quality sleep.

Besides being professional in her knowledge and approach to treatment, Kylie is genuinely caring and empathetic towards her clients. She works within the scope of your individual requirements and I have always found her treatments to be very helpful. This is definitely not a "cookie cutter" approach to treatment, as Kylie provides unique and tailored treatment and advice.

I was sorry to see her move to QLD.

She is sorely missed ....

Mark Lancaster

Sutherland Shire NSW


I highly recommend Kylie's new treatment that she developed, Decongestive Tissue Therapy. She incorporates cold laser, pneumatic leggings and manual lymphatic drainage to help your body shift fluid and wastes. And it really worked! I felt amazing, my body rejuvenated. Kylie also worked on my tennis elbow with the laser and gave me an incredible remedial massage at the end. So I was pain and waste free in one session. Nobody treats like this on the Gold Coast. She is amazing, customising all her treatments for the individual. Don't miss out on one of her treatments, they're too good to miss.


Luca Mazzocchi

Ready Creek Qld


I was recommended to Kylie as I was losing my hair due to alopecia  and it was suggested I try lymph drainage. Kylie worked her magic on me and with a combination of diet,  exercise and lymph drainage my hair regrew and I felt so good. I continued to avail of her services until she moved up north. I would strongly recommend Kylie and her skills to anyone.


Marion Evans


Cold Laser Therapy is great for pain management and helped heal my broken Patella very quickly. Kylie is very professional and has alot of knowledge in her field.

Megan Dennett


I have been in treatment with Kylie for over 5 yrs whilst suffering extreme neck pain and other associated problems due to a car accident I had years prior. Kylie offered the upmost professionalism in advising me on techniques to assist with my condition. She created a treatment plan specific for me which included the use of Cold Laser Therapy to restore the tissue damage, oxygenate the body and clear the lymphatic nodes to allow for the waste to be removed effectively from the body after removing lactic acid and wastes from the tissues from the massage provided. Kylie uses specific massage techniques with a unique ability to read and feel the body to get optimum results. My neck and other body concerns were greatly improved by the regularity of the treatment I received.My body was massaged and stretched into a state of bliss and my nervous system calm through Kylie's nurturing and caring manner.

I highly recommend Kylie and she is greatly missed after leaving Sydney.

I encourage all those wishing to optimise thier health and well being to experience one of Kylie's specialised treatments.


Nathan Dennett



I have known Kylie for 5 years and during this period she has assisted me with severe pain in my neck and back with the use of Cold Laser Therapy and deep tissue massage with outstanding results! My pain was relieved and I was able to manage my daily duties pain free and with more vitality than ever before. I had been holding onto excess fluid snd constantly getting colds so Kylie developed a treatment plan of Cold Laser, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and the use on pneumatic leg pumps to assist with the fluid. My immune system improved and my health has greatly improved.I lost fluid from my abdominal area and felt like I was walking on clouds after the leg compression work. I highly recommend Kylie's treatments to everyone who wants to experience greater health in thier lives. She operates with complete professionalism and a caring nature. With her ongoing training an an expert in her field she is greatly missed now moving from Sydney.


Kyobe Artist


I have been receiving an amazing treatment called decongestive tissue therapy for many years which Kylie developed herself, using her highly trained and expertise in manual lymphatic drainage to decongest the tissues and stimulate the lymphatic vessels in combination with a highly advanced cold laser which clears the lymph nodes and works the vertebral artery to oxygenate the body and used for spot treatment on cellulite. Kylie placed me in pneumatic pump system which relieves fluid from the legs and assists in the detoxification process while working specific specialised techniques to achieve outstanding results. I felt full of energy and vitality after each treatment and shifted unwanted fluid and bloating after having a child. My cellulite reduced and the appearance of my troublesome areas was greatly improved. My immune system was enhanced and my health greatly improved. I relaxed during the treatment and my nervous system felt stronger and was able to cope with the daily challenges of daily life and being a new mum. The treatment effects were felt days later as the body continued to heal after the blockages had been removed. I highly recommend this treatment and Kylie's treatments as she is caring and maintains the upmost professionalism.

Nicky Farros


I’ve been in the beauty and health industry for many years and never achieved such dramatic results so quickly! I have been receiving regular decongestive tissue therapy treatment from Kylie and immediately my abdomen reduced in size and the fluid in my arms and legs shifted. Not only was it effective in shifting fluid , I was more relaxed and nurtured than ever before and Kylie used the laser and her specific massage techniques to relieve my back pain. What an awesome treatment! My immune system has improved and Im buzzing with energy again. I strongly recommend Kylie and all the treatments she offers for greater health and wellbeing.


Nicole Basham


I was treated by Kylie in 2015 on numerous occasions for chronic neck pain, she suggested Cold Laser Therapy and Lymph Drainage Massage, Kylie's extensive knowledge and expertise of both modalities not only healed my neck pain, but also improved my sleep patterns, circulation and lymph system, anyone requiring a complete, holistic treatment plan to get their wellbeing back on track and keeping it there, I would highly recommend Kylies' services, Sydney's loss is Queensland's gain.


Melissa Read

Dip R.E.M. Massage



I have been extremely challenged by a huge work load and personal commitments and after having regular massages with Kylie started incorporating the Indian head massage into my health and wellness regime. I feel amazing and my hair in fabulous condition. It's something I cant live with out now.

Cheryl Hingerty
Gold Coast

I am a true convert to the hot stone massage with Kylie. After trying many different styles of massage and all amazing I found the hot stone massage worked best for me. The heat of the hot stones and the directional and rhythmic sequence Kylie uses takes me to another plane. It truely does assist in creating calmness as well as softening the muscles.

Amanda Fournaris